With years of experience in the sporting events industry, at NP Events we can design and install a variety of different pontoons for triathlons. Whether you are looking for starting platforms or obstacles to complete, there are plenty of options available for your event.

In the past we have worked on several triathlon courses in the UK as well as open water sporting events and charity races.

For more details about the events we work with, call our team on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London).

Each of the floating triathlon pontoons we fit are made to match your specifications.

When we are building these, we consider your location as well as the number of people taking part.

All pontoons are stable and secure, providing the ideal starting platform, exit ramp or obstacle.

Although, pontoons for triathlons don’t always have to be sturdy. We have worked with events in the past where movement has been added to the installations to make completing the race more challenging.

Fast Installation

After visiting your site and carrying out surveys, we will start the design process. Once complete the installation of the equipment will take place, bringing your triathlon to life.

As well as working in the UK, we are also able to move our pontoons across the World to wherever they are needed.

Pontoons for triathlons can be installed on varied bodies of water include the sea, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and more.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to install a range of floating triathlon pontoons across the UK.

Arrange Your Event

At NP Events we provide a range of triathlon pontoons and equipment for hire across the UK.

Whether you are arranging a large national event or a charity run, our team are more than willing to help.

For more details about the floating triathlon pontoons that we design and install, give us a call on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London). Also, you can fill in the contact form and we will be back in touch.

Need more details?

If you need event pontoons or platforms and stages for events, get in touch with us today. We will get exactly the right product for your event, made to your exact specifications.