Floating Marquees

Floating Marquees For Events

When it comes to planning a wedding or a promotional event, floating marquee hire is an option to consider. At NP Events our team specialise in the design and installation of floating marquees, adding something unique to your project.

We use both plastic and steel pontoons with a non-slip timber decking, offering you plenty of choice.

In the past we have provided floating platforms and more for events such as product launches, weddings, festivals and more. For any further details about the floating marquees we work with, do not hesitate to call on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London).

Many people think a marquee on the water can be a tricky process. Using the water for an event isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Floating marquees are easy to install, versatile and reliable. They can be built to any size specifications you have, giving you complete creative freedom.

Both plastic and steel pontoons are available to use, with a timber based deck which is non-slip. Each installation will be designed and built to your specific needs.

We will consider the location where it is going as well as the way in which you are using the marquee.

Promotional Events

If you’re running an event or product launch and are looking for that extra touch, pontoons could be the right option. They can be installed on the ocean as well as inland water such as lakes and rivers.

Our team will work closely with you throughout the entire project. From the initial site surveys to installation and removal, you can rely on us.

Marquees For Weddings

As well as being used for events, floating marquees are a great way of adding a unique spin to your wedding. Whether you want to make an impact or both have a love of water, these installations are fantastic.

As well as providing indoor seating, you can make the most of the timber decking and create seating spaces outdoors. That way you can take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy your big day.

Find Out More

As we have a fleet of vehicles, it is easy for us to transport our materials across the UK and even abroad if this is where your event is.

To find out more about floating marquee hire or other modular pontoons, call on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London). You can also fill our contact form in for further information.

Need more details?

If you need event pontoons or platforms and stages for events, get in touch with us today. We will get exactly the right product for your event, made to your exact specifications.