Floating Walkways

Floating Walkways For Events

Adding a walkway to your event doesn’t need to be just about getting people from one place to another. At NP Events we specialise in creating unique structures including floating walkways for events across the UK.

The systems that we use are extremely safe, strong and reliable. Alongside this, they can be used for both short term temporary use or as more permanent installations.

For further details about the floating walkway hire we offer, call the team on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London).

What are some of the things that floating walkways from NP Events can be used for?

In most cases, a walkway will be used to provide access from one area to another. However, this isn’t always as easy when water is involved. Using floating walkways for your event makes it accessible and uses the space that you have available, whether that’s on land or water.

These modular pontoons can be installed on several different areas around a site. This includes other harbours, rivers, lakes, ponds, canals as well as to and from an island.

Safe & Secure

Our professional engineers carry out in-depth site surveys to ensure that all health and safety regulations are being followed. Once complete, we will begin the process of installing the modular pontoon system.

Floating walkways are extremely flexible and versatile. This means we can install them wherever you need, providing easy access.

Why Us?

We have been working in the industry for a number of years and specialise in floating platforms for events. From festivals to a wedding, there are no projects which we can’t work with.

To add to this, the team has carried out several installations of walkways in the past to provide accessibility, including CarFest North.

Get In Touch

Whether you’re planning an event or would like more details, please do not hesitate to call us on 01524 740 790 (Lancaster, Lancashire) or 0203 9543 744 (London) for more about floating walkway hire.

You can also fill in the contact form and we will be back in touch.

Need more details?

If you need event pontoons or platforms and stages for events, get in touch with us today. We will get exactly the right product for your event, made to your exact specifications.